Deer Meadow, A 55+ Gated Community in Hollidaysburg, PA

Come enjoy the tranquility of Deer Meadow!


Deer Meadow, in Hollidaysburg, PA, is a thriving, new community for active seniors age 55 and over. A secure, gated community on Reservoir Road, across from Frankstown Elementary School, Deer Meadow offers the ability to own your own home without any of the frustration and aggravation that comes with the responsibility of maintenance. You can enjoy hassle-free living in beautiful, newer home that includes a number of amenities.

Take advantage of the community building for larger family gatherings. Enjoy the swimming pool and exercise facilities, including a game room. There are picnic areas where you can enjoy a meal in the great outdoors, along with lighted walking paths just perfect for an evening stroll.

Each home at Deer Meadow has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a single-car garage. The 1,320 square foot size allows for the room you need to enjoy your retirement living in style and ease. Contact Dolores A. Capriotti, at Re/Max Results Realty Group today, for more information: (814) 934-3054.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we make changes?
Yes, the floor plan is 1320 sq.ft and that cannot be changed but we can change the configuration of the floor plan.Homeowners have changed walls, added closet space, installed handicap shower units, moved windows as an example. We try to change whatever best suits the new homeowner. There would be a cost for doing this but most people have felt it was well worth it.
Are pets allowed?
Yes two small domestic pets are allowed. If the new homeowner has a larger pet we are allowing them until they would pass away or are given away. Once that happens you must stay with the two small domestic pets.
Can we do what we want on the inside of our homes?
Yes, however we do have restrictions on the outside in order to keep the integrity of the development. The outside is maintained and insured by the Association. From the inside wall, in, is your responsibility, and you can make any changes that you wish. This is your home!
Can we extend our patio area?
Yes, standard homes come with a 4 x 8 concrete pad in the back of the house. After closing and homeowners cost, the residents have hired landscaping companies to lay pavers for the extended patio.
What internet services are available at Deer Meadow?
Atlantic Broadband and Verizon are the most used, but some homeowners have had satellite dishes professionally installed. We do not allow them installed on the roof of the home.
Can we do upgrades?
Yes, we have a good selection for standard choices and also a selection for upgrades but you can also have other type of upgrades from your choice.
Is storage a problem?
Our current home owners have been very creative, people have added shelves to the garage for the seasonal items and some have also created closet space by re-configuring the floor plan to add additional storage.
I have owned my home for 15-25-30-40 years, how do I downsize.
I have helped the people at Deer Meadow with different resources for selling their furniture they could not bring from their existing home, I have a resources that can help you clean out and make your home sale ready if that is what you choose. The purchase of Deer Meadow can be contingent on your home selling. After working with the many people that are now enjoying home ownership at Deer Meadow if you have a question or a need, we have the resource or answer. I can walk you through it.
What happens with my home at Deer Meadow after I no longer am here?
Your home at Deer Meadow is deeded property, you own it. You can sell it or leave it to your children just as you would do with your present home.
How long does it take to build a home at Deer Meadow?
From the final approval of building specs it takes 8 weeks.
What do I gain by living at Deer Meadow versus building a one story home anywhere else?
At Deer Meadow you have all the pleasures of home ownership without the maintenance that you would need anywhere else. You can go away one day, one month or five months, and you never have to worry if the snow is shoveled or if the grass needs cut. No one will ever know you are gone by the appearance of your home.The gate allows added security, if someone drives in, it is because you are letting them in. Also there is a social aspect, there are plenty of people around to enjoy at the community room, swimming or enjoying a beverage in the evening. No need to join the gym, you have the ability to exercise any time you wish, no more waiting for the gym to open up, it’s all at Deer Meadow.Residents are known to have football gatherings, holiday parties, picnics and getting together for breakfast. To sum up the advantages at Deer Meadow: it is a more secure, there is no maintaining of the outside of your home (more time to travel or just enjoy life), and the social aspects give you amenities that you would not have anywhere else.